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The Holistic Health & Wellness Education Program was founded developed by Jennifer Lawson in 2013 in order to bring the valuable information learned in the Metropolitan State University Integrative Therapeutic Practices degree program to at-risk communities. Through education and community outreach, HHWEP seeks to promote a holistic approach to health. As a lifestyle controlled diabetic, Jennifer hopes to help educate individuals in order to prevent these types of illnesses – especially in aging and disadvantaged communities. As of now, HHWEP has one instructor as well as one board member. The passionate team members supporting the program include a Registered Nurse, an Integrative Aromatherapist, and an Aesthetician & Reiki Master.

The program seeks to educate individuals of any demographic in wellness and self-care practices to help reduce their PTSD, depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes rates. By improving overall health outcomes for individuals, HHWEP helps to reduce healthcare costs. The program increases dependence on healthy eating and active lifestyles as a way to promote personal and community health. All class hand-outs and materials are accessible for a variety of education levels. In addition, the self-care techniques are approachable and easy to incorporate into daily routines.

Kate West – Intern & Jennifer Lawson – ED

Classes first began in February of 2014. Within these communities, the program has helped to inspire and empower individuals to take control of their health and their life. Not only does it help people individually, the program has enhanced the sense of community by creating a safe environment to discuss health issues. Ultimately, HHWEP wants to expand into a variety of locations with a special focus on at-risk populations such as veterans, children and teens, and low-income communities.

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America’s healthcare costs keep rising and rising, yet the overall health of the nation keeps getting worse and worse. Currently in America chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are on the rise. These chronic conditions are the largest consumer of health care funding yet they are often preventable or manageable through self-care practices and lifestyle changes. However, many individuals go through life unaware that there are alternative approaches to health and wellness. Due to the fact that prevention is not a common practice when it comes to wellness HHWEP seeks to educate individuals so they can make the best decisions for their long-term health. Your donation is an investment in the health and wellness of Colorado’s communities. By educating and empowering individuals, we can heal communities.

Eaton Senior Community Residents

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